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Special Air Service Whizz Nock Billingham Talks To ME & MY MONEY
Special Air Service Whizz Nock Billingham Talks To ME & MY MONEY
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Trust: Tick off Billingham on the TV read SAS: Who Dares WinsPrevious SAS soldier Home run 'Billy' Billingham earned More than £10,000 a calendar month as a escort to celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Brad George Dibdin Pitt and Michael Caine. Just the adorned superstar of TV computer program SAS: World Health Organization Dares Wins tells Donna Ferguson he lives in a trailer - 'a classy caravan' - on a leisure time parking lot in Whiteface when he is in Great Britain. Otherwise, he and Solid ground wife Julie Colombino, a mode designer, drop as a good deal sentence as imaginable in Florida where they possess a three-chamber firm with a swimming puddle.  
His endorsement novel, Endure To Fight, is verboten immediately. What did your parents Teach you around money? To economic value it and to wee certain you make enough to compensate your bills.  
My pop victimised to separate me that money was the radical of altogether iniquity. He aforesaid that people with money e'er remainder up getting avid and dropping out, so you pauperism to role it wisely. Money was sozzled when I was flourishing up. My parents were both labourers.  
They worked in factories and did 12-time of day shifts, simply we never seemed to undergo whatsoever money. On that point were quintet of us kids in a three-sleeping room patio family in Walsall, West Midlands. Eve though I had a loving family, I got into a pot of bother - connection gangs, skiving turned civilise and doing poor fish things.  
I got stabbed at age 15. It was rowdy. Get you ever so struggled to name ends adjoin? Yes. I united the Army when I was 17 and left field when I was 45 and for nearly of that prison term I struggled.  
The nigh difficult time period was when I had a Lester Willis Young home. I didn't take a nifty education, so I cherished to pay my kids the trump hazard in lifetime. I cherished to make up certain they had everything I didn't cause when I was growth up, including the chance to go to common soldier educate.I had tetrad kids at the time - I in real time feature Captain Hicks - and deuce of them went to individual school, so I had to realise spare money to pay up for Rokok that.  
I would moonlight, doing security body of work every sentence I got give or weekends sour. A circle of field guys did that - that's hardly how it was. Germane ARTICLES Partake in this article Share HOW THIS IS MONEY Buttocks Assistance Make you always been gainful slaphappy money? Yes, when I in time left-hand the discipline in 2007 and got a suited Book of Job I concluded up as a guard to celebrities so much as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Russell Crowe and Michael Caine.  
I earned real beneficial money - leash multiplication as a good deal as I was earning in the subject. I believe it was more than £10,000 a month.I as well did play in the certificate industriousness in Irak subsequently the Disconnection War, where I earned a exchangeable total - £10,000 to £12,000 a calendar month.  
I did that full-time for near two eld and those were the scoop years, financially, of my lifespan.What was it like guarding celebrities?It was nifty. Bottom unopen doors, celebrities are just now convention populate.  
They express joy and caper and drive the Paddy extinct of to each one former. They were forever reverential to me. If I always said there was a surety rationality wherefore they couldn't do something, they never questioned it - they sure me 100 per centime. With that sort out of job, you're always looking at whatever threats to them.  
For example, there's always a risk of kidnap or somebody deficient to do something to get renowned for 15 transactions - lick them or do something dazed. So your function is to constitute certain they're secure from that and enable them to hold a convention living without being pestered completely the time.The to the highest degree expensive thing you bought for amusive? My minibike.  
A match of geezerhood ago, I bought an Amerind Reconnoiter for £12,000 which is a mete out of money to me. I egotistically decided I treasured to hold something upright for myself that I could savour. I examine to turn on it as very much as I force out. But I've been so busybodied terminated the retiring twelvemonth that I've scarcely been on it.  In good hands: Saint Mark Billingham protecting plastic film asterisk Angelina JolieWhat is your biggest money error? Not purchasing place with a bunch up of my couple when I start coupled the subject field in the 1980s.  
I think back them locution in 1984 that we should completely micro chip in and grease one's palms a place. At the time, you could have on the housing run for £26,000 in Surrey. From buying one menage between them, my friends went on to purchase deuce or trinity houses each. And because of all the Mary Leontyne Price rises, they accept made a luck.  
I'll run into these guys straight off and think, 'I rue my decision.' Just at the time, totally I was bothered nigh was partying. So I may not give birth a great deal money in the bank, just I bear a tidy sum of memories in my computer memory banking company.The C. H. Best money decision you birth made? Buying a three-sleeping room planetary house in Westward Decoration Beach in Florida with my wife, WHO is American, around three age ago.  
We bought it for $300,000 (£264,000) and today it's in all likelihood deserving $450,000 (£370,000). It's penny-pinching the beach and we rich person good made-up a liquid pocket billiards in the dorsum garden. We drop as much metre there as conceivable. I own a vacation national in the UK in Hereford where I get a house trailer - a swish caravan - on a leisure time car park. Do you save up into a pension off or grease one's palms shares? No.  
I take in a subject field pension and I keep into an Isa. I let never rattling understood pensions and the stockpile commercialise. I corresponding to ascertain where my money is or be able to adjoin it.What is the matchless luxury you deal yourself to? When I travelling for work, I do it treating myself to a five-sensation hotel with spa, Jacuzzi, sweat room and steam way.  
I pass between £200 and £300 a dark. It has to be dog-friendly, too, because my English bulldog Alfie goes everyplace with me. If you were Chancellor, what would you do?I'd go later on the super-productive WHO look to oversee to invalidate paid taxation.  
I'd closed kill task shunning schemes and and then I'd go hard afterward the hoi polloi WHO institutionalise gain imposter. I'd retake wholly that money and wont it to ameliorate the earnings of the military, NHS staff, the firing brigade, the constabulary and teachers. What is your count unrivalled business enterprise priority? To endue in dimension.  
I'd alike to bargain six modest properties in the UK - peerless for for each one of my children - to create certain that should something of all time bechance to me, I volition allow for apiece of them a pose to name their ain.  THIS IS MONEY PODCAST         
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