We are the students and sometimes teachers of Sea Angel Art Academy!








Hi! I’m Sea Angel. I’m the cat’s meow!  I’m a 12 year old artist who loves to draw, write, craft and sew!  I opened my Art Academy to help other students show their creativity!  I love teaching, and I’ll be the one doing most of the drawing and crafting lessons!



Hi, I’m Otter.  I’m a 14 year old who loves school  It’s kind of my thing!  I really like teaching other kids a bit about lots of topics.  I’ll be here to teach all kinds of stuff, but I’m really hands on.  I can’t wait to teach you oragami and building projects! I’m really loyal, and a kid’s best friend!


I’m Coral Reef.  I’m a real “dear.” I’m 10 years old and love being on stage! My “fans” tell me I’m great at everything I do, but I really shine when it comes to dance, singing and theater! I love fashion projects, sewing  and making movies too!  I’ll be the one teaching you everything FABULOUS.









I’m Squid.  I’m Sea Angel’s 8 year old neighbor.  I love drawing, reading comics and manga, watching cartoons and bugging Sea Angel.  I love being included in things, and will  teach my own projects too (when I come up with stuff!)  I love messy projects like making slime!